Welcome to Leaf Organic

Here at Leaf Organic Cleaning services we operate under the notion of Quality, Integrity, Safety and Humanity.

Providing a high end cleaning services

Providing a high end cleaning service specializing in Residential, Commercial, Retail, Yacht and currently expanding in Private Jet services.

Serving over 400 residential homes and businesses monthly in the greater Seattle, Bellevue, North Bend, Everett, and Newcastle area.

Leaf organic outline

Locally owned

Personalized Quote following virtual/in person estimates – do not utilize generic rates, to ensure an elevated quality.

Certified team members available Monday – Sunday, seven days a week servicing as early as 6:00AM including during Holiday Season.

Licensed Insured and Bonded

You may expect a thorough line of communication between your estimator, and your service crew leader – relaying specific requests for certain areas of the home ( i.e nurseries, home office, master bathroom) in addition to specific cleaning products utilized at your request, will be provided to your team prior to your cleaning, 

Specializing in professional cleaning services ranging from studio apartments, to grand estates, commercial buildings, retail shops, medical facilities, retirement communities 

Operate hand-in-hand with your real estate companies to ensure the highest level of cleaning 

Same day services available 

Pet Friendly! 

Masks and shoe covers are required for your team members here at Leaf all year round, ensuring safety of you and your household, and your team members.



Please let us know if you need immediate help thank you!
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